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The Vicar of Bullhampton

Mary Lowther, the pretty young houseguest of the vicar of Bullhampton -Frank Fenwick- turns down local squire Harry Gilmore’s proposal of marriage, choosing instead to fall in love with her cousin Walter, an army Captain home on leave from India.

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The Vicar of Bullhampton

Introduced by John Halperin

ISBN 9781870587570

502 pages hardback

Publication 1998


Mary’s relatives disapprove of the liaison: Captain Marrable’s father is a worthless rake who has illegally spent his son’s inheritance, leaving him penniless. Gradually the opprobrium of the family drives the couple apart. Carry Brattle, the daughter of the local miller, is the other focus of the novel. She is a women who-compared with Mary Lowther-has even fewer choices open to her. Carry has had sex with a man out of wedlock and is therefore regarded as a harlot. She is cast from the family home by her proud father, Jacob, but becomes involved as a valuable witness in a murder case. Will the miller stand by his daughter?

A comic subplot involves the pompous Marquis of Trowbridge. He decides to punish what he perceives as Mr Fenwick’s insolence towards him by building a Methodist Chapel a few hundred yards from his front gate. But the Marquis has inadvertently built the chapel on glebe land...




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