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Marion Fay

Lord Hampstead, Son and heir to the Marquis of Kingsbury befriends his contemporary George Roden, who is a clerk in the General Post Office. This infuriates his snobbish stepmother, Clara. His sister, Lady Frances, falls in love with George to the grave disapproval of her family.

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Marion Fay

Introduced by J. Hillis Miller

ISBN 9781870587532

480 pages hardback

Publication 1997

Lord Hampstead also incurs his family’s wrath by falling in love with a young Quaker girl called Marion Fay, but they cannot marry, since she is consumptive; meanwhile George’s romance with Lady Frances fares better when his father is revealed as an Italian duke of ancient lineage. Lady Hampstead’s stepmother Clara is a woman eaten up by her ambition for her own three small sons, whom she would prefer to inherit. She is aided by the Reverend Thomas Greenwood, domestic chaplain and private secretary to the Marquis, and the pair attempts to deepen the gulf between father and son. In creating the two pairs of lovers, Trollope seems to be endorsing the notion of class compatibility. Yet with the Marchioness and Reverend Greenwood he appears to contradict that: his message finally seems to be that rank, or rather, aspiration to rank, can make you mad.



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