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Pine Martens

Pine Martens

The pine marten is making a come-back after nearly becoming extinct in Britain. This new book is full of information about this most enchanting animal. Illustrated with fine line drawings and a gallery of stunning photographs.

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ISBN                    978 1 873580 32 5

Publisher              Whittet Books

Author                  Johnny Birks

Illustrator              Antony Griffiths

Photographer        Terry Whittaker

Format                 210mm x 148mm Hardback

Extent                  216 pages


After a close brush with extinction, the pine marten is making the headlines as it recovers its numbers in Britain and Ireland. It is time for renowned pine marten expert and enthuiast Johnny Birks to reacquaint us with this enchanting mammal. Time too, to appreciate the pine marten's impish charms and find ways to cope with its mischief in intelligent ways that sustain its populations.


In his entertainingly light-hearted style Johnny describes in detail what is now known about pine marten ecology and behaviour in Britain and Ireland, and offers some continental insights from further east in the pine marten's range. He explores the different forces driving the pine marten's decline and recent recovery; and considers the conflicts that now test the tolerance of those who live with pine martens once more. This reveals a gulf between those willing to seek sustainable and legal solutions to the inevitable challenges, and those who persist in tackling threats to poultry and game in old-fashioned ways.

Nevertheless, there are heart-warming tales of people's recent encounters and interactions with pine martens as they re-populate their former haunts.

Johnny Birks has been beguiled by pine martens since his teens. After research and survey work on other mustelids, and a spell working for the Nature Conservancy Council and English Nature, a job with the Vincent Wildlife Trust gave him the chance to work on his favourite mammal. He now works for Swift Ecology and continues to visit Scotland each year to study pine martens.




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