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Five Frustrations of Project Managers

Five Frustrations of Project Managers

As projects and their environments become increasingly  complex, the human dimension can get lost in the clamour. The authors refocus attention on this human dimension by identifying five frustrations that will be recognisable to every team leader:...........  

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ISBN 13                 978 9 490463 52 6  

Publisher               Mediawerf Uitgevers 

Authors                 Marieke Strobbe, Hans Veenman, Leo de Bruijn, Menno Valkenburg  

Format                  197mm x 130mm 

Binding                  Paperback 

Extent                    112pages


......... ‘we’re not making any headway as a team’; ‘I’d be better off doing it myself’; ‘the behaviour of my team members frustrates me’; ‘they don’t take ownership’ and ‘the project meeting drains too much of my energy’. The authors share their experiences as (project) manager, project supervisor, trainer and coach, complementing these experiences with practical models. They aim to acknowledge the frustrations as signals and enlighten you as to how others have dealt with these signals.

The Authors 

Marieke Strobbe, Leo de Bruijn, Menno Valkenburg and Hans Veenman became acquainted at KPMG Consulting in the 1990s, where they held various positions: Marieke started out as a Proposal Advisor and worked as the CEO’s Personal Assistant for three years, Hans was partner in the IT Strategy practice, Leo was a Senior Consultant in the ERP consulting practice and Menno was a Project/Programme and Operations Manager.



‘This book was just what the doctor ordered: I am in the middle of a major project, and I can clearly recognise all of the frustrations. I now see how we swing to and fro between the first two team development phases, which means ownership is a non-starter, and we are not adequately managing our stakeholders’ expectations.’

Joop Roes Director Information Management, Digital Workplace, AkzoNobel


‘The book offers an extremely practical and clear explanation of the required models, but particularly of how to deal with team member’s verbal and non-verbal signals. Project managers that focus on applying these methods in practice will definitely succeed in bringing their projects and team members into the flow, and in turn, achieve better results!’

Hjalmar Halvorsen - Account Executive, T-Systems




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